30 December 2008

last shoot of the year: Aoki / CongoBoys / MSTRKRFT

i know i mentioned before that i would stop shooting by end of nov. and for the most part, i've been fairly good at my keeping my word, with a few shots here and there with friends, just for fun. because for those that know me, i'm all about the fun. i even put the "fun" in "FUNnel"!

that being said, I couldn't resist bringing out my camera for one last time for the year (as my trigger finger was getting quite itchy to shoot again) as steve aoki and mstrfkraft - both on the same bill! - would be in town to do a little throw down @ the EEC on dec 27.

i first saw aoki when he first visited during the inaugural underground sound party in the city centre underground parkade along with tommy lee this year. yes! THAT tommy lee! that party was not crazy; it was kuh-ray-zay! not surprising that steve needed assistance getting around after his set (for those that know, know! ;)). when i heard that he was coming back to town, i was all over that! mstrkrft was just an added bonus. after seeing his former partner sebastien grainger dj a few weekends ago @ the brixx lounge, and quite disappointingly so, i knew mstrkrft wouldn't disappoint.

and as much i like to consider myself "semi-retired" from doing club photography, i don't mind hitting up the huge parties to catch up with old acquaintances, meet up with the djs, listen to some crazy funky beats and capture people enjoying the night!

the club life is a lifestye - well within the realms of my real.life.style photography!

check out the pics from the night: here | and here | and here

this party was quite epic, just as i predicted. 'twas a great way to end the year of the shooting.

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