07 June 2008

wedding: leo + laura

This afternoon I had the pleasure of shooting the wedding ceremony of Leo and Laura. Leo happens to be the brother of my friend, Crystal - who referred them to me to shoot their small and simple service (I just love those referrals!)

Throughout the week I was in conversation with Laura, discussing and making sure we captured the shots they wanted as well as come up with a contingency plan in case in rains. The rain was the most troublesome as it's something that's out of our control... for now! Luckily, it rained for the most part in the morning, leaving the afternoon cloudy, but yet still ideal for shooting outdoors. And as luck would have it, by the time we finished our shoot so that the couple can get ready for their reception, it was only then did we see the dark clouds come from overhead. Yay for us!

If you have the moment, please feel free to check out the pictures from this afternoon.

Leo and Laura are such a great couple: real easy to deal with, simple and down to earth - they made my job of shooting the "moment" very easy. Oh, and did someone say "Blue Steel"?!

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