15 June 2008

Happy Father's Day

"Happy Father's Day" to all the Fathers out there there, especially to my Dad!

(My dad and my REEtarded sister. My mom was probably out galavanting with the cousins!)

In a way, he is the instrumental force as to how I got in photography.

I remember using his Canon SLR camera in the days before point and shoot came along at a very young age. And when I did get a point shoot camera for my birthday from my parents (a Canon of course!), I shot the bejeebers out of that thing!

I recall using my point and shoot during a trip to Disneyland and I would I use a roll of film PER ride and attraction. Now if you can image how many rides and attractions their are in Disneyland alone (excluding the visits to Sea World and Universal Studios on that same trip), you can probably get a good idea how many rolls of film I used during that trip!

At that young age, I just wanted to shoot everything I saw so that I can capture memories that I enjoyed and still recall to this day. And now, after deciding to pick up the camera again just over 3 years ago, I still shoot and capture memories for others to enjoy for years to come. And this would be all thanks to my dad.

Thanks again Dad. Hope you like the shoes I bought you (no they were not BOGO!) - may they give you comfort during your trip this fall as you shoot tons of pics for us to enjoy!

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