12 December 2007

and America's Next Top Model is...


(this was the only pic i semi-liked out of her portfolio)

Umm.. yay!?

This season of ANTM was subpar at best. No one really stood out for me except Janet and Heather. Saleisha winning was almost anti-climatic for me as each week that a model gets eliminated, it's like "Oh! is that what we left ourselves with?" Saleisha has more of a commercial look than a high fashion look. More than likely I'll be likely to pass over her during a high fashion, editorial spread unless someone reminds me that she won ANTM. And that's my opinion of course.

I'm hoping next season of ANTM that Tyra chooses a better balance of girls than previous years. This being said, I would like to see more representation from the latina and asian community, instead of those from the 'hood, in hopes of creating a cinderella story each and every single season. and it's almost obvious with every season's selection, no matter how much they try to disguise the fact.

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