31 January 2007

Here Fishy Fishy Fishy Fishy....

Is there such a thing as a "planned spontaneous" purchase?

I had my eye on this fish eye camera whenever I passed by a certain store @ west edmonton mall. I didn't really need another camera since recently purchasing my Canon 30D, let alone a 35 mm camera.

But after viewing the images captured by the same type of camera in this book, I couldn't resist. Being the creative individual that I am, I mean how could I not be inspired to take similar type of images.

And so with the cost just being under $85.00, I made another contribution to the Gross Domestic Product

I'll crack it out of the package perhaps over the weekend and shoot random stuff. I have the disposable income to get film developed and have the images burnt onto a disk. Though I can't wait to use it during gatherings and events. can't believe I'm so stoked over a little piece of plastic!

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