18 October 2009

wedding: Janice + Angel

this summer, i had the honor of documenting the wedding of my friends Janice and Angel.

this wedding is memorable for me in a couple of ways: i've known Angel since he was a few months old (as i'm a year older and our dads are good compadres). so there was a bit of self-inflicted pressure to do a good job as well as shooting all 9 couples in the wedding party, one of my largest wedding parties to date thus far!

additionally, Angel's family is quite the artistic family (Angel is a choreographer for the Philippine Barangay Performing Arts Society, his dad, is quite the graphic artist and builder, his sister is a performing artist who has performed on a national and international level and his brother was a performer for the Philippine Barangay Performing Arts Society as well). so one could almost (and should) expect an energetic and entertaining wedding! and they did not disappoint!

feel free to check out some of the highlights below:


Anonymous said...

Awesome expression shots

great work

Unknown said...

Awesome Job!!!!! Love it!

Armi said...

love them Roy! great job!

Factory.JUnkie said...

awesome pictures!

vaiybora said...

I really like you post good blog,Thanks for your sharing.