23 August 2008

Wedding: Rhea + Christian

A few weeks ago, I had the awesome pleasure of shooting the wedding of Rhea and Christian. As mentioned before, I've known Rhea and her family since she was literally knee high - and now she's finally married to a real great and funny guy!

I think this will go down as one of my memorable weddings to shoot. Not only was the day filled with getting reacquainted with family friends and people I went to university with, but it was also considered to be a hot day. a real hot day. a real scorching - let's fry a couple of eggs on the sidewalk with some sausages - hot day. oh, and I should also mention that there was barely any shade to be found. fun times indeed! And to make matters interesting, the AC in the reception area broke down in an already packed room! It seemed coincidental and very fortunate that Rhea and Christian's giveaway gifts were fans!

But all in all, everyone was in good spirits despite the weather conditions. The room became even more hotter with a couple of rhumba and salsa numbers from Rhea's salsa group. if the number got any hotter, the system sprinklers would've went off, which really wouldn't have been a bad thing in order to cool things off!

In the meantime, feel free to check out some of the highlights from the day

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spender81 said...

WOW! so nice to see the pics. And so nice to see you both this week he did a amazing job takeing the photos. Reahs HOT bro LOL!