22 February 2007

Carolyn: Test Shoot

A few days ago, I had the pleasure of shooting Carolyn, a former competitor in fitness pageants. A really nice and smart girl (masters in psychology?! wow!).

We agreed during our preliminary discussions that winter time is not really a good time to do lingerie, swimsuit or any bodytype sort of shots, especially coming off the new years. So for this test shoot in particular, I would do some casual and creative shots.

I'm content in how some of the images turned out given that it's a fitness model NOT in lingerie or swimsuit or anything that shows off the body that one would expect in american curves, muscle and fitness and all the other fitness type of magazines out there. So far, she's happy that she has gotten a lot of compliments and kudos from the pictures from our test shoot. And when my models/clients are happy, I'm happy that they're happy!

Future shoots with Carolyn hopefully to come by spring time!

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